Patrick Davis

Technologist CEO ENTREPRENEUR Growth expert


Patrick Davis has walked in your shoes. He intrinsically understands the technology behind InsurTech and PropTech businesses, paired with the lived experience to grow and develop them to the next level.

Initially, a computer software programmer by trade, Patrick has close to two decades of entrepreneurial tech experience, having started, managed, grown, and strategically exited companies he built from scratch. Patrick's offering goes beyond a partnership that will only deliver money and management expertise; he wants to know your business as well as you do and has the technical skill to do so.

Straight from the University at Buffalo, Computer Information Systems, Patrick gained senior and director-level programming experience before channeling his knowledge and innovation into his own businesses, RapidSketch, LossControl360, and Utilant. After 16 years of founding and growing the former, he is proud to have strategically exited after Majesco acquired Utilant in 2021.

We know your journey.

At Antilles, we have an expert growth formula backed by practical awareness. Our team has proven experience of growing companies from 0 to 200, progressing your business to the heights it can achieve with additional knowledge and nurture.

With a history of strategic exits, we truly know your journey and look forward to advancing with you.